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that do not hurt

In reflexology you massage and press gently on
specific points.

The doctrine is based on the idea that the feet is an image of
the body.
You go in to find the reason, not where you have pain, but why.
The body stores emotional experiences in both muscles, organs,

and tension / soreness occurs.
A sore spot, says that there is an imbalance in one area. It may be an organ who is not functioning optimally or a muscle is sore.
Every day we are exposed to physical / mental stress, which makes us tired and eventually ill, if nothing is done about it.

You will not get better until  there is a balance between

your  physically and mentally conditions.

Reflexology can relieve headaches, pain in shoulders, back,

 arms and legs.

Reflexology is to help create harmony in the body
without the use of medication



I have for many years been allergic and suffered from the consequences of a trafficaccident

Reflexology helped me through that, so today I am able to

 live a tolerable life.

That´s why I, my self took the training as a reflexologist.


With healing
Aprox. 45 min. 

In Denmark 65 Euro

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07.12 | 00:47

Ville høre om muligheden for booking af tid for mig selv og datteren
Står i en en situation hvor jeg ikke ser andre muligheder håber at høre fra dig

05.05 | 18:25

Hej Ina- Maria.
Jeg prøver bare. Har du tid til at se mig imorgen efter kl 17 til Tarotlægning? I så fald skal jeg vide det tidligt imorgen for selv at nå det.

20.12 | 17:28

Tak vi har det godt Ina... ønsker jer en dejlig jul og nytår.. Vh Britta og Chester

18.12 | 23:17

Hej Britta Tak skal du have håber I har det godt

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